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               DARIUS PIERCE


Height: 5’9”                                 SAG-AFTRA/AEA                                      Hair: Bald/Brown


Mock Trials Lead Sound Skript Entertainment dir. Philip De Lorenzo

Thomas & the Trainmaster     

Lead           Phil Bransom Productions   dir. Phil Bransom
The Lost Van Gogh Lead Sparkle Pants dir. Jessica Lyness
Concerto Lead Art Institute of Portland dir. Will Lofland
Snap Lead Sight House Films dir. Phoenix Vaughn
Man of My Word Lead Portland Actor Showcase dir. Todd Freeman
NW Film Fest. Trailer
Lead Mutt Industries dir. David Emmite
God's Fingerprints
Supporting Big Puddle Films dir. Jason Satterlund
A Deed Without a Name Supporting Galaxy Sailor Productions dir. Martin Vavra
DOTT: Dept. of Time Travel
Supporting Galaxy Sailor Productions dir. Martin Vavra
Cell Count Featured Polluted Pictures dir. Todd Freeman
A Walk In My Shoes Featured NBC dir. John Kent Harrison


Television/Web Series

The Librarians

Guest Star TNT dir. Noah Wyle


Guest Star TNT dir. John Rogers
Co-Star NBC dir. Tawnia McKiernan
Co-Star IFC dir. Jonathan Krisel
PDX Live
Regular PDX Live Productions dir. Todd Robinson
The Paranormalists Regular Last Man Productions dir. Nicholas Hagen
Haunting of Sunshine... Recurring Coat Tale Productions dir. Hagen/Rose
Wage Slaves Recurring Fade to Black Productions dir. Chris Bolton
Mad House Co-Star Sound Skript Entertainment dir. Philip De Lorenzo
Animus Cross
Featured Steenhouse Entertainment dir. Amanda Steen
Forty Weight
Featured Forty Weight dir. Maren McGuire



Union Wine Co.
Lead Story Manufacturing Co. dir. David Cress
Univ. of OR Basketball
Lead University of Oregon dir. Jerry Harris
Pizza Schmizza
Lead Revolver Digital Media dir. Bryan R. Thompson
Google Analytics Spoof Lead Extreme Arts and Sciences dir. Peter Richardson
Oregon Dept. of Trans. Lead Funnelbox dir. Robb Crocker
Alaska Airlines Lead Alarming Pictures dir. Jack Hodge
Educational Software   Lead              Dark Blue Morning     dir. Art Kohn
Sustainability... Lead Portland Center Stage        dir. Patrick Weishampel



Radio: Numerous commercials for Portland Center Stage
Video: Various in The Undiscovered Explorer for Oregon Public Broadcasting



Audition/Cold Reading Robert Blanche; Ted Rooney; Todd Robinson
Scene Study Shelly Lipkin
Degree Bachelor of Science in Math/Computer Science from Brown University

Dialects and Skills

2nd tenor/baritone, basic piano and ukulele, sketch comedy, improv, strong teleprompter reader, basic combat, yoga, baseball,

golf, bowling, slow roller and ice skating, poker, video games, Dialects: British (Upper class, Middle class, Cockney), Irish (Northern), Scottish (Lowland)