“Pierce is the kind of actor that, when offstage, you wait impatiently for his return." 

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The Realistic Joneses

"Darius Pierce is the kind of actor I'd pay to see read the phonebook, so to hear him tackle such funny and yet mundane, yet lyrical dialogue is worth a recommendation all on its own."

Kristopher Haines, The Crippled Critic; full review

"This is four pros at ease with their work, finding tiny corners to turn and fleeting moments of huge impact. Pierce plays up his pudgy ordinariness to something like exotic effect, pushing people away and then briefly letting them in."

Bob Hicks, Oregon Artswatch; full review


"For almost 90 minutes with no breaks, actors Cristi Miles and Darius Pierce impressively embody the emotionally athletic process of trying to feel, grow, and lead a life with someone. They’re exceptionally moving."

Thomas Ross, Portland Mercury; full review

Feathers and Teeth

"For me, the best actor was clearly Darius Pierce’s Arthur; his mannerisms and voice patterns did not capture what I imagined, but went beyond that and exceeded my expectations with a unique take on the character"

Elijah Masters, Trillium Roots; full review


"The production has a clear hero: however pushy, impatient and gruff, it must be nigh impossible to dislike Darius Pierce in the role. He excels at expressions of barely suppressed exasperation, eyes flat and jaw clenched, appearing simultaneously bored and combustible. One moment he’s suffering fools with droll comic timing, the next he’s burning hot with ego and high principle, then he’s suddenly quieter, showing his weary, frayed edges."

Marty Hughley, Oregon Artswatch; full review

Stupid Fucking Bird

"Pierce shows remarkable timing, pausing perfectly before twisting a line toward laughter or disappointment."

Nelson Pressley, The Washington Post; full review

"[Gilbert's] voice is beautiful and when accompanied by the fantastic, understated performance of Darius Pierce on the guitar, piano, or just plain talking, magic happens.."

Joan Fuchsman, examiner.com; full review

"Dev (Darius Pierce) is a rather shy and awkward character, creating a silent tension that mounts significantly between him and Mash...His awkward moments allow for hearty laughs and deep chuckles, particularly when there are pauses as he allows what he’s said to resonate with the audience."

Amanda Gunther, DC Metro Theater Arts; full review

"Darius Pierce, bearing a remarkable resemblance to a young Wallace Shawn [is] a self-admittedly “chubby, bald” and compulsively likeable young man hopelessly in love"

Tim Treanor, DC Theatre Scene; full review

"Purveyor of much of the warm and contemporary humor of the piece, Darius Pierce gives the unrequited Dev, another young man in a state of longing, a perfectly pitched geeky savvy."

Kate Wingfield, Metro Weekly; full review


"There’s admirable comic talent in this cast with Darius Pierce..."

Marty Hughley, The Oregonian; full review

The Santaland Diaries

"Pierce fully dissolves into the story, allowing himself to flow freely through the inevitable bewilderment, snark, and childlike wonder as if he’s feeling them for the first time."

AL Adams, Oregon Arts Watch; full review

"Pierce...delivers an energetic and ultimately very engaging performance. It is easy to forget that this is a one-man show when Pierce so expertly recreates the diverse characters that Crumpet encounters"

Chanelle Fournier, bePortland; full review

"...playing a character as fractured by seasonal expectations as anyone he encounters, [Pierce] wrings genuine sentiment from the sappiest time of the year."

Jay Horton, Willamette Week; full review

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

"...a cast studded with experienced sketch comedy performers; in particular, strong, funny turns from Darius Pierce, Sean McGrath, and John San Nicolas."

Alison Hallett, Portland Mercury; full review

"The exquisite cast includes the mercurial Darius Pierce as Monroe (he’s also an ever-changing chorus member)..."

Holly Johnson, Oregon Music News; full review

The Gaming Table

"The most entertaining scenes come from the characters of Mr. and Mrs. Sago, outrageously played by Darius Pierce and Tonya Beckman Ross... Their teasing interactions and playful chemistry are the highlights of the production."

Julia Exline, MD Theatre Guide; full review

"As entertainment, the scenes between Sago and her idiotic husband (Darius Pierce) are hard to beat."

Sophie Gilbert, Washingtonian; full review

Lips Together, Teeth Apart

"Portrayed by Darius Pierce as gruff but also surprisingly tender, Sam is sometimes aggressively defensive and sometimes pitiable."

Richard Wattenberg, The Oregonian; full review

As You Like It

"The real standout, though, is Darius Pierce as the sardonic fool Touchstone. Pierce doesn’t let a single line go to waste as his elastic face seems to fill the stage with sheepish grimaces and devilish grins."

Ben Waterhouse, Willamette Week; full review

"Pierce's Touchstone speaks his witty repartee with rounded clarity, but his dry sarcasm and disdainful scorn for others is more than gentle mockery – lurking within is a kind of unspoken danger."

Richard Wattenberg, The Oregonian; full review

Comedy of Errors

"Keepers and Pierce were delegated the bulk of the slapstick action... They did a phenomenal job delineating their characters' slight differences while giving 110% when it came to bouncing and tumbling through the physical comedy. We rarely see this intense level of energy in a stage production. "

Terry Ponick, DC Theatre Scene; full review

"Among the sharp cast, Nathan Keepers and Darius Pierce are the show's anchors, playing the physically funny and endlessly entertaining Dromio clowns."

Doug Rule, Metro Weekly; full review 

A Christmas Story

"Darius Pierce dispatches this role with an easy charm. He also shows a rare ability to be exactly as present in a scene as is warranted"

Anne Adams, Portland Monthly; full review

"...the older Ralphie, played by the charismatic and grounded Darius Pierce..."

Noah Dunham, Portland Mercury; full review

"[The part of Ralph is] handled by one of my favorite local actors, Darius Pierce (Portland's Paul Giamatti), always a pleasure to see him in a big role."

Alison Hallett, Portland Mercury; full review

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

"Nicely grounding the kid contingent is local favorite Darius Pierce, the driest actor in town, who gets in the show's best lines"

Alison Hallett, Portland Mercury; full review

"Oddly enough for a musical, the show's secret weapon is the lone non-singing actor. Darius Pierce plays Vice Principal Douglas Panch with a sort of deadpan genius"

Marty Hughley, The Oregonian; full review

The 39 Steps

 “Darius Pierce and Ebbe Roe Smith, who collectively perform more than 100 characters, are hysterically funny and astonishingly energetic.”

Ben Waterhouse, Willamette Week; full review

“Ebbe Roe Smith and Darius Pierce, shape-shifting masters of dialect and differentiation”

Michael McGregor, The Oregonian; full review


“Among the smaller roles, Darius Pierce shines briefly as Nixon's agent, Swifty Lazar”

Marty Hughley, The Oregonian; full review

Les Miserables

“Darius Pierce and Lori Paschall as the ghoulish Mr. and Mrs. Thénardier are grossly hilarious

Willamette Week; full review

Long Christmas Ride Home

“Pierce's richly resonant voice and gift for mimicry are especially effective here”

Barry Johnson, The Oregonian; full review

“Pierce makes excellent use of his mellifluous and versatile voice

Ben Waterhouse, Willamette Week; full review

Beard of Avon

“Pierce is ideal for the role, displaying the pent-up energy and put-upon air he used to such great comic effect on this stage last year (as Gunner in Shaw's "Misalliance"). Smart and sensitive but perpetually frustrated, his Will is credible as both bumpkin and late-blooming genius. He's also impossible not to root for

Douglas Perry, The Oregonian; full review

“It’s a great story, but even better theater, thanks to brilliant performances by the New York-based Harris and Portland’s own Darius Pierce as Shakespeare.”

Eric Bartels, Portland Tribune; full review

Twelfth Night

Always-excellent local actor Darius Pierce, meanwhile, is a dedicated comedic foil as the daffy Sir Andrew.”

Alison Hallett, Portland Mercury; full review

“Pierce is an absolute stitch as the hapless Sir Andrew Aguecheek (his dancing and sword-fighting scenes are marvels of precision awkwardness)”

Marty Hughley, The Oregonian; full review

A Doll’s House

“Darius Pierce, one of Portland's finest character actors, is haunting as red-faced, fuming Krogstad, a threatening force who is suddenly transformed by love.”

Holly Johnson, The Oregonian

Romeo and Juliet

“Darius Pierce's Mercutio, who's in love with language, is a bright swath of energy

Holly Johnson, The Oregonian; full review


“…a poor, socialist doctrine-spouting outsider (played wonderfully by Pierce, who handily steals every scene he's in).”

Alison Hallett, Portland Mercury; full review


Pierce is the kind of actor that, when offstage, you wait impatiently for his return. His greatest feat here (amongst many) is transitioning between Rupp's violent, creepy mood swings, yet remaining likeable enough that you hope he didn't do what he's accused of. It's a mesmerizing, anchoring performance.”

Justin Wescoat Sanders, Portland Mercury; full review


“Where some actors put on accents and airs, Darius Pierce makes gestures with his heart

Toussaint Perrault, Portland Mercury; full review